If, after having tried our training aids, you decide that they don't suit your needs and you don't use them, you are not supposed to donate any amount. However, if you use them, you are supposed to donate an amount that you deem as reasonable for the benefits you get.

Please click on the button hereinbelow to donate using your credit card or, if you have a PayPal account, withdrawing directly from your account. You may choose any amount that you wish, as well as donating just once or recurrently. The transaction occurs through the PayPal system, which ensures the maximum security of your data.

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If you donate just once by credit card, please enter the amount of the donation first in the PayPal form, then enter the other information required (name, country, address, etc.). The PayPal form may not work correctly if a donation amount is not initially specified.

If you don't like using credit card or your PayPal account to make a donation, please contact us to agree upon alternative ways.

If you have no budget for a donation, we would appreciate you to contact us anyway, even just to say "thank you".