Score editions of "Gloria" by F. Poulenc are affected by numerous errors as remarked by this paper by Joe Hickman available on the website of the American Choral Directors Association. Choralia's training aids for this work incorporate the corrections listed hereafter.


Soprano, bar 42 (first bar before reference 8): last two notes corrected into B sharp and A natural. In most score editions such accidentals are wrong or omitted.

Domine Deus

Bass, bar 38 (first bar after reference 32): last note corrected into F natural rather than E, and tied to the previous note.

Domine fili unigenite

Soprano, bar 31 (second bar after reference 40): second note corrected into A rather than B.

Bass, bar 33 (fourth bar after reference 40): rhythm corrected to match the other parts.

Dominus Deus, Agnus Dei

Bass, bar 20 (fifth bar before reference 46): last note corrected into B2 flat rather than B3 flat (one octave lower).

Bass, bar 68 (third bar before reference 55): fourth note corrected into G flat rather than F.

Qui sedes ad dexteram Patris

Bass, bar 38 (second bar before reference 61): sixth note corrected into C rather than D.