Choralia provides two editions of training aids for Deutsche Messe D872 by F. Schubert, so as to best match the score edition used by the choir. Edition 1 is based on a version published by Schirmer (ED. 2435, ISBN 0-7935-4860-8), while edition 2 is based on a version published by Breitkopf & Härtel (F.S. 157) and available at IMSLP. These two editions are rather different: some different notes, plus octave notes added to the bass part in edition 1; different lyrics (generally speaking, edition 2 includes more verses); a completely different item (music of the sixth item of edition 1, "After the Transubstantiation", is actually from the ninth item of edition 2, "Anhang - Das Gebet des Herrn", with different lyrics - the ninth item does not exist in edition 1). Edition 2 is more similar to the autograph manuscript, and also very similar to CPDL edition #388 (few different notes, slightly different spelling of some words).